Save Your Office and Home from Pest…! Get Pest Control in Noida, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon and Faridabad from Godrej Pest Control


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Pests are the only factor that causes most of the infectious diseases they carry bacteria, viruses, spores or parasites that are eventually passed on further to other people through contaminated food or drink. These bacteria spread innumerable diseases. A few commonly transmitted diseases are: salmonella, Plague, Rat-bite fever and Leptospirosis (disease transmitted by rat urine).

We are experiencing immense pleasure in introducing our company Godrej Pest Control as the leading pest control company in NCR. We are registered Pest Controller and approved by Govt. of Delhi. We provide affordable Services like Termite Treatment, Bed Bug Control, Wood Borer Treatment, Cockroach, Spider, Ants, Mosquitoes, House Flies and Rodent control for Residential and Commercial area with smell free, fume less, safe, hassle-free & effective solution for all Pest Control activities to our customers. We also offer Post Construction and Pre-Construction Termite Treatment in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Greater Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad at affordable price for Houses, Buildings, Restaurants, Industrial, Hospital, Schools and Hotels.

We provide quality pest control services at your doorstep with very attractive prices and excellent work satisfaction. We never use poor quality or unethical pest control solution we only use quality material for Pest Control. Godrej Pest Control is totally devoted for their customers need and requirement. Our customer put too much value for our company and we try to our best affords to provide the complete solution to our customer with one year warranty. Our technician provide best termite control services to the customer according their home and office areas and suggest the customer where pest control is much more required. We always welcome our customer’s recommendation and suggestions. For more details visit our website or if you need any pest control service you can call us on 9811381458.

Contact Details

Godrej Pest Control

D-28 First Floor Kalka Ji, Delhi 110019

Mob no.: +91 9811381458,



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